Past & Present


A family business since 1871

We are a small business which has been in the same family since 1871. In that time we have been known by a couple of different names including The School Board Publishing Company, The School Government Publishing Company and now today Education Marketing Direct.



For almost 150 years we have tracked and recorded education establishments at all levels throughout the United Kingdom.
We have always maintained one constant – that the accuracy of our information is paramount.

Starting with publishing the School Board Chronicle in 1871, publishing amongst others The Education Authorities Directory and Annual, The Primary Education Directory and now the UK Secondary School and Education Authority Directory.
Since 1947 we have made our data available commercially as data for use by marketeers and others needing to communicate with schools, colleges and universities.

In 2007 we started Education Marketing Direct Ltd, a brand new database was created but continuing our high levels or accuracy and publishing.


From down the years